What We Do

What We Do

Mid Cheshire RDAAll of our sessions are taken by a qualified RDA Coach or RDA Group Instructor who is supported by a team of trained and assessed volunteers. Assistance with mounting and dismounting will be provided and then assistance and direction is given throughout the session.

Four of our instructors have also attained their UKCC Coaching Certificate at Level 2. Our instructors are constantly updating to be proficient in safeguarding, first aid and instructing skills. They are capable of teaching at all levels, from the newest riders to those who are aiming at tests and competitions.

If you have never ridden before you will start by being led on the horse with a volunteer in control. There will be volunteers walking either side (known as side walkers) to ensure you are safe and comfortable. These side walkers will help you follow the instructor’s guidance and often give advice and tips to assist your riding.

You may not need all of this support, but whatever your level of experience when you start with us we will help you achieve to the best of your ability.

Our mission statement is to provide riders with a disability the opportunity to ride and benefit from the therapeutic and recreational skills they will develop .This will all take place in a safe, professional and welcoming  environment. As the RDA logo states – It’s what you can do that counts!


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