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RDA National Championships 2016

Competitions, Countryside Challenge, Dressage, Riding

It was another successful year for “Team Mid Cheshire’ at this years National Championships. The weather was ordered and it delivered beautifully! Blue skies and sunshine on both of the days that our riders’ competed. Firstly on the Friday, which was the first day of competition, Isabel and Chief rode a beautiful grade II dressage test and came a very respectable 5th coming up against very stiff competition from a large number of fellow competitors. Then on the Sunday Rosie, Marianne and Elliott took part in the Countryside Challenge. All rode beautifully with Elliott and Quinn taking 2nd in their class and Rosie and Marianne both placed in their class. We have to say that we couldn’t be more proud of our riders’ and hope that they all enjoyed it as much as we did!

But, as always, we mustn’t forget the great deal of time and effort that goes into the organisation and logistics of getting our riders to the Championships in the first place. Special thanks go to all of the Volunteers who helped make this happen with an extra thank you to Janet Simpson who made sure that the Countryside Challenge day flowed seamlessly and also to Linda Rose for assisting Isabel and Chief at the event.



Isable Hartpury 2016

Elliott 2016 Marianne Hartpury 2016
Rosie Hartpury 2016