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RDA National Championship 2017

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Ted and Quinn were polished and buffed, all tack cleaned and were in the horsebox and travelling with Pam, Janet and Alison to Hartpury by 5.30am on Sunday morning!  To greet them were our gang of faithful volunteers Charlotte, Jane, Alison, Nicola, Sarah, Jeanette & Barrie.  First to ride was Jake with helpers Sarah and Jane, then a quick turn around for Quinn with Taby riding and Jane and Nicola helping.  A short break and then it was Rosie on Ted with Alison supporting, quickly followed by Emma on Quinn with help from Sarah.  We didn’t have too long to wait for the good news.  Second places for Rosie and Jake, third for Emma and a seventh for Taby.  All the training had paid off.  Elliott was our last to ride in the independent class, with Janet available if required. He had a long wait for his result  but it was worth it…third!!  What great results for our Countryside Challenge riders.  Our only dressage rider Isabel, riding West Lancs RDA pony Harry, had a very long wait after her test for the results but again it was worth it  First place and grade 3 champion.  On a very hilly site everybody walked miles but there was some respite for our volunteers with a rather late lunch and cake to keep them going. Well done to all our riders,  all those who helped with the preparation and training and all those who made the long and hot journey to Hartpury and back.