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Mid Cheshire Benefit From Estate Agent’s Generosity!


Gascoigne HalmanWe were very grateful to receive a financial donation from local estate agent, Gascoigne Halman. 2015 was their 25th anniversary year, which saw them set up their Community Challenge, with 26 local groups set to receive a slice of the £25,000 fund! The Mid Cheshire Group received funding which has enabled us to pay for a year’s supply of horse shoes for all the horses in our care.

Our charity organiser, Jeanette Dixon, said, “We are thrilled to receive this generous donation. This will allow us to fund a year’s supply of horse shoes, which is extremely important to ensure the welfare of the horses and the safety of our riders.”

Gascoigne Halman’s aim was to select charities and community groups that create a positive impact on the local community whilst providing long term benefits for the local area.

Thank you Gascoigne Halman, your wonderful donation will make such a difference to our ponies and their riders!